As an author of both horror and thriller novels, I’m unique in the fact that—especially when it comes to horror—I’m a female writer in an otherwise male-dominated genre. I have always had a passion for dark fiction despite how difficult it can be to sell such work within the mainstream publishing industry. Despite this, I’ve managed to create a career out of nothing. My first novel, Seed, was rejected by publishers and agents alike, but the rejections only fueled my desire to overcome “the impossible”. I went on to self-publish Seed in 2011 to rave reviews, an instant fanbase, and emails from publishers popping up in my inbox. Seven years later, I’ve published seven full-length novels and two novellas through the likes of Amazon imprints 47North and Thomas & Mercer. I’ve most recently been working with Simon & Schuster’s Gallery Books and Pocket Books, which has published five of my works.
As a novelist in the horror and thriller genres, I work in shades of black and grey. And within that nuanced darkness, I do my best to tap into the grimmest corners of human nature. Unlike most dark fiction, my writing centers around character development. Not only do I love coercing readers to identify with characters they would otherwise view as irredeemable—monsters among men suddenly transformed into sympathetic antiheroes; but I also pull in unexpected heartbreak. Kids, I feel, are the perfect vessel to force readers into a vulnerable place, to encourage them to empathize with the characters and connect with the work.
My writing spans a wide scope—it shifts from book to book—but children and the theme of family are a constant. I bring kids into my stories because there’s nothing more terrifying than the idea of innocence being lost to darkness. Because of this, my fiction has been referred to as both brutal and heartbreaking. But regardless of how unflinching some of my prose may be, my goal is—and has always been—to offer my readers a truly remarkable reading experience.